Black Widow Spider

The Most Dangerous Spiders In The World

People find spiders scary or creepy. In reality though, there are many more harmless spiders than there are those that can harm humans to any great extent. However, there are some nasty critters in the spider family that have a reputation for causing some pretty severe harm. Below are 5 of the most dangerous spiders out there.

1. Redback Spider

Australian redback spider

Australian redback spider

It is also referred to as Latrodectus hasselti scientifically. Very similar to its relative, the Black Widow, this spider is found in Australia and is very dangerous. The female redback spider is easily identified due to the presence of a stripe that is red in color on her abdomen. The female can be longer than the male, a female can measure up to one centimeter while the male is limited to a length of 4 mm. It has a neurotoxic venon that is highly dangerous to human beings. After an individual is being bitten by this spider the person can experience continuous pain up to a period of 24 hours. They can bite in case an individual moves too close to their habitat either in a crevice or touching their webs.

2. Sydney Funnel-Web Spider

Sydney funnel web spider

Sydney funnel web spider

It has a scientific name of Atrax robustus. It is commonly found in Sydney Australia. It can bite human beings where it can lead to great injuries and death if not treated quickly. It has atracotoxin which is a compound readily found in the venom that they produce after a bite. The compound is highly dangerous to primates including man. After biting an individual the symptom of their venom in a human being is experienced in a period of less than one hour. The males are known to be more dangerous in bites as they can bite severally as a defense mechanism when threatened.

3. Brazilian Wandering Spider

Brazilian Wandering Spider - Phoneutria

Brazilian Wandering Spider – Phoneutria

It has a scientific name of phoneutria fera. Other names referring to them include banana spiders or armed spiders. These are found in the tropical parts of south America. They form the world most venomous spiders as evidenced due to their entry into the Guinness World Book of Record in the year 2010. They have derived their name Wandering Spiders due to their habit of wandering freely on the floor of the jungle at night. During day time they are known to hide themselves in the moulds of the termites. After they bite someone their venom can lead to effects such as breathing problems, loss of muscle control, after the symptoms they can lead to inflammation, paralysis and even asphyxiation.

4. Baboon Spider

Killimanjaro Mustard Bamboo Spider - Pterinochilus chordatus

Killimanjaro Mustard Bamboo Spider – Pterinochilus chordatus

It is also referred to as Harpactirinae, they are found in Africa. They are the biggest spiders on this list. They have derived their name due to their last leg segments resembling the fingers of a baboon. They can bite and become more aggressive when disturbed.

5. Black Widow

Black Widow Spider

Black Widow Spider


This one has a scientific name known as Latrodectus mactans. The female is well known to be mostly black with red coloring that is often compared to the shape of an hourglass. The female is also known to eat the male after they reproduce. This brought about the name black widow. They can inject the venom continuously into an individual after they bite severally which can reach level where it can be fatal.

There you have it; 5 of the most dangerous spiders on Earth.

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